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Kerry Ann Rockquemore is an author and speaker in the field of faculty development and leadership. She spent the early years of her professional career climbing the academic ladder while writing about interracial families. She is author of Beyond Black: Biracial Identity in America (2001, 2007), Raising Biracial Children (2005), and over two dozen articles and book chapters on multiracial youth. Kerry Ann’s research has been featured in numerous media outlets such as the New York Times and ABC’s 20/20. After Kerry Ann became a tenured professor (at the University of Illinois at Chicago), her focus shifted towards improving conditions for pre-tenure faculty by creating supportive communities for professional development, writing productivity, and work/life balance. Her award-winning work with under-represented faculty led to the publication of her most recent book The Black Academic's Guide to Winning Tenure Without Losing Your Soul (2008). Kerry Ann now provides workshops for new faculty members at colleges across the United States, leads a popular online discussion forum for under-represented faculty, and works with a select group of new faculty each semester in her Faculty Success Program. She wrote a series of columns for Inside Higher Ed designed to help new faculty members advance toward tenure. She can be contacted via e-mail at

Most Recent Articles

Assess and Adjust

Aug 16, 2010

Whether or not you are satisfied with what you accomplished between academic years, it's time for some self-evaluation, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.


Are You Afraid to Succeed?

Aug 9, 2010

Sometimes you need to look beneath the surface to find out why your work is blocked, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.


Do You REALLY Want to Be a Professor?

Aug 2, 2010

If your goals aren't clear, your writing will suffer, suggests Kerry Ann Rockquemore.


Tame Your Inner Critic

Jul 26, 2010

You have to understand this negative force to gain control over it, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.


Writing IS Thinking

Jul 19, 2010

A narrow definition of writing may keep you from making progress, writes, Kerry Ann Rockquemore.


Lower Your Standards

Jul 12, 2010

Unrealistic expectations can block progress, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.


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